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A single act of kindness, like a seed of compassion planted in the soil of education, can cause ripples of healing and sow the seeds of knowledge for generations to come.


Rene'sHolistic Healing and Educational Mission

Rene's dedication to holistic healing, education, and the creation of sacred spaces for learning and teaching embodies a profound commitment to nurturing the well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Rene's journey is a testament to the ongoing exploration of self-discovery and the pursuit of living in harmonious alignment with one's authentic essence.

At the heart of her teaching philosophy lies a deep wellspring of authenticity, where teaching emerges from the innermost chambers of the heart. For Rene, teaching is not merely a profession but a conduit for personal growth and transformation. It is in those moments when she gazes into the eyes of her students, when she unveils the hidden questions behind their inquiries, and, more profoundly, when she senses the unspoken queries, that she recognizes her purpose and her moment to make a positive impact on the world.

Rene's educational manifesto is a culmination of her accumulated wisdom, the organization of her life, and her aspirations. Yet she acknowledges there may be days when she is emotionally distant and the quality of the classroom experience falters. In those moments, she feels a great learning experience missed, as the classroom transforms from
an opportunity for growth into a struggle for survival. As she strives to escape this uninspired state, Rene is mindful of the bright and eager faces before her, their genuine curiosity, and their gratitude for the days when the class brims with engagement and provokes thought. She recognizes the importance of infusing every moment with purpose and meaning, for, in her holistic mission, each classroom interaction is a unique opportunity to illuminate the path of her students, contributing to their personal journeys and the greater good.


“I have taken numerous continuing education classes from René Shuford for over 16 years.  Rene’s classes are not only DYNAMIC, but are extremely educational, informative and fun.  She is very knowledgeable about all the topics she teaches and backs them up with years of personal experience.  Rene pours out her heart to every student that attends her seminars with her unselfishness, total dedication and positive energy, to teach each student in order that they surpass their goals and become the very best they can be in their field and in the community.”

Kent Carpenter

''In 2003, I met Rene Shuford as I nervously sat across from her as she interviewed me to be a student at her school, Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy. Rene' quickly made me feel at ease. Little did I know at the time, the profound impact she would have on my life. Rene's passion for teaching massage, combined with her love and enthusiasm for our environment, human nature and community are infectious. After I graduated massage school, I had the privilege of working with her at her wellness clinic for many years. I gained an even deeper understanding of her leadership, generosity and kindness.
Rene' is a mentor, a colleague, an advocate for education and building community connections. Twenty years later, I still take continuing education classes from her and she continues to show our community that we still have so much left to learn.''

Michele Smith

“I took Rene’s Teacher Training Program last year and found it helpful and informative.  It has definitely helped me in my job to be able to educate my patients more thoroughly and the people around me that I have to work with.  I am totally blind and Rene has been my teacher for many years for massage school and continuing education.  I have found her classes to be thorough.  Rene’ is an excellent teacher.”

Donna Burr

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